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Welcome to the West Midlands Police identity guide

We are West Midlands Police. We work in partnership to make communities safer..

It’s why we joined and why we’re proud of what we do. Those we serve value our work and see themselves as part of us and part of our mission.

Everything we do has the potential to make a positive impact on the course of people’s lives. Make this known at every interaction.

This guide provides a framework on how to achieve this. Its goal is to make sure we’re consistent in our style, yet flexible and creative to meet the needs of our audience. We know this is important because so many people told us when helping develop this guide.

Whatever your role in WMP, honour their views and show pride in your work by adopting the principles set out in the pages which follow.

Who made this guide?

Our brand is built by people for people. The views of around 38,000 people have helped create this guide.

We interviewed people across the West Midlands to find out what people think and feel about West Midlands Police.

We also analysed data from The Big Conversation, the Fairness in Policing polls and the Police Federation’s Pay and Morale survey.

We welcome any feedback for improving this guide. Send us an email with your suggestions.